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Terri Oesterle is the Mother of four daughters, including identical twins now in their early years of college.  A Germantown Hills native, Terri attended ICC & Bradley and worked for IL American Water for 14 years before leaving to become a full-time Mother.  Her life irrevocably changed July 4, 2013, when she lost her oldest daughter, Chelsea to complications of addiction, acquiring a hospital infection while awaiting news of being added to the transplant list at Northwestern Memorial in Chicago.  Terri has since devoted her life to sharing her daughter’s tragic story and raising awareness and education to those affected by these mental health issues so often shared by our youth today:  depression, anxiety, bullying, addiction, and suicide while ridding of stigmas associated.  She has since worked in the field of addiction and continues to speak in high schools and community events advocating on these important issues.  Terri is also working on a book about Chelsea’s life as a successful, beautiful young woman who ultimately succumbed to the disease of addiction.